Friday, February 25, 2011

Driving to work thoughts....

Yet another study saying that moderate alcohol intake is good for the heart.

What is this "moderate" of which they speak?

They say 2 drinks for a guy per day.

2 drinks? It's the 3rd drink that gives me the buzz!

(errr...this is why I don't drink...)


A superficial scan of The Decemberists on Google, calls them a real, true communist band.

Funny how that word has been reduced.

Like Commies are loveable losers, somehow. Quaint.

(Yes, yes, I know that Communism was a horrible scourge, and that North Korea and China are no jokes. But I think, well, totalitarianism is a more appropriate word.)

I can remember when Communism was a fearsome word, a career ender, a serious tag to stay away from.

Anyway, it seems like socialism is a more serious charge, now.

Or....gasp!....Liberal. Say it with me, in Fox News tones ---Lib-er-al....


The street outside the store is empty.

Come on Wussies!

Put on your cute scarves and quirky hats and fur-line booties and sleek leather gloves and explore!

That goes for you girls, too!



Anonymous said...

"it seems like socialism is a more serious charge, now"

And so "liberals" now use the term "progressives".

Question is: how long will it be before "progressive" becomes a dirty word?

OHDG said...

Yeah I heard The Decemberists as bumper music on the Dennis Miller show. Dude that guy is so annoyingly smug. As if anyone ever had a bulletproof argument.

Anonymous said...

Socialism as in National Socialism aka Nazism is and has been alive and well in Oregon since the 1950's.

yes, liberal is a bad word, to demand liberty, ... move along jedi's :)

Progressive, I have always hated that fucking word, as if one group has skipped ahead all others and everyone else has stayed behind. FUCK those who call themselves progressive.

Ahh, .. conservative, too conserve the environment, love, and all we care about, if one word has been destroyed it is 'conservative'.

Orwell is alive and well in the USA & OREGON, ... just like you don't see a wisconsin protest here? WHy? Because everybody in this fucking state is on the nazi payroll. Fact.

It's all going down folks, ... 1-2 years and this fucking place will be a nation of beggars.

love, .. 4 more weeks and I go back to Malay ... :)

Anonymous said...

my fav is emma goldman, she said 'anarchism was communism is in purest form'.
communalism is and was a good word, destroyed by the corporatists ( fascists aka bush/oreo/raygun )
nothing wrong with communalism, if there is a BEND around in 5 years, it will be cause a few people stick together and call themselves communalists.
anarchism, i'm all for this, no government, nobody breathing down your fucking neck, no cameras up your arse 24/7, ...
the usa has too fucking much money, ... that's why I now live in a 3rd world country, ... fuck the first world
the usa is now bend-broke, and hopefully all the fucking cops will get a pink slip, and once again, the communalists can make dunc sheriff and we get on with our lives,

Anonymous said...

buster, I'm not sure dunc would make a good sheriff for the communalists -- a librarian, maybe?

Duncan McGeary said...

I want to be King.

King of the Communists.

Anonymous said...

Kind of the Bend Communist Party - Dunc

I fear like in the movie 'Bananas' that dunc may be corrupted.

Anonymous said...


The above is excellent about what's going on now in USA. I think that unions of course are dead, and only public unions are alive, and they are parasitic by definition. Trouble of course is that private unions were for labor, and ALL labor has been off-shored. So all that is left is these NAZI public-union's. Hate to violate Godwins law, but the fact is unionizing the jailers is an oxymoron, given that they hand pick their own management.

Today what is Egypt is Wisconsin, now our IRAQ is shooting innocent protesters and not a peep from our OREO. Well IRAQ is our 55th USA state so its ok for our puppet-army to shoot innocents, just like kent-state, or bonus-boys ( usa 1930's ). It's sort of funny to watch Gadaffi immitiate the USA in its indiscriminate killing, the shock, the shock of it all.

ok, back to mother-jones, so the corporatists won, and unions are irrelevant, the public-unions like this debate of course have given 'union' a BAD-NAME, thus now all unions will go down. Think about this statement. It's only going to get worse. Which returns to my fundamental premise since 2007 in this FORUM, that the USA will return to its former self, ... a prison colony. :)

Going back to Orwell. War is peace. Freedom is Slavery. Prison is Home. In summary like communalism, or liberty, or conservatism, and unionism, ... today all are bad. Four leg's good, ... two leg's bad ( animal farm ).

Anonymous said...

Smug liberal's call themselves 'progressive', liberals that think their above the pack.

What word isn't dirty today? Shopping is the good word. Or dining, ... I really think that ONLY consumerist words now are good. I think all words dealing with individual passion are bad. Like sex, sex is now dirty and cause of disease.

Solution: Not really that complicated, KILL YOUR TV, and tune out of USA consumer culture. Return to barter economy. Put family first. It's really not that complicated.

The World: It's funny today USA folks still see themselves as some kind of 'shining light', yet the world see's the USA as barbarians, and self appointed policeman. Luckily the USA is bankrupt, and soon the cop's will all have to go home. Like ROME once the currency becomes worthless, the great army's will have no food. Today I see so many people in the USA that now know something is terribly wrong. Without a job or income, the American dream of 'shopping' is lost, then what do they have? A hollow life, a life of wanting. Now even sending USA children to war would be a joke, as today's kids couldn't fight their way out of a paper bag.