Thursday, February 24, 2011

Animal House and the U of O.

They've been running a documentary on the making of Animal House on the bio channel.

I was going to the U of O when they were filming this.

I walked by the cafeteria one day and there was a crowd in front of the windows, so I wandered over. They a makeup chair in the corner, and John Belushi was sitting in it.

He looked bored out of his gourd.

At least that's my memory of it; why they would set the chair facing outward, I have no idea.

I also stumbled across the big fake statue, covered in a tarp, on one of my midnight wanderings.

That's it.

That's my anecdote.

Because my college experience was about as far from Animal House as it could get.

My going to college, and the break in-between, and my lingering in the student ghetto afterwards -- coincided with my decade of depression. I was pretty much alone, a wraith, around the time of Animal House. My dorm buddies had all moved on, and I was still finishing up with some last minute courses.

I don't have warm and fuzzies for the U. of O. even though it wasn't their fault. Just wasn't a good decade for me.

A year or two later, I quit my gas station job (I had my degree, but was working in a gas station) went to my little one room quad, wrote my books Star Axe and Snowcastles and Icetowers, moved back to Bend, met Linda, bought the store...and that decade has receded into the far past.

These days, I tend to only remember it when I'm reminded.


Duncan McGeary said...

I don't think anyone there at the time thought the movie was going to any good.

I also saw some of the Cottage Grove preparations, and everything looked so fake.

Gee -- if I'd only known, I could've stuck around long enough to see the food fight!

H. Bruce Miller said...

"He looked bored out of his gourd."

Stoned, more likely.

Anonymous said...

Bruce: It's a shame you bailed on your Source blog before the national championship football game.

You were pretty mouthy about wanting the Ducks to take on a big, powerful SEC school for all the marbles. Seemed pretty sure of yourself.

How'd that work out?

Wish I could ask you this on your blog, but you took off before you could be held accountable. Smart.

Duncan McGeary said...

Yeah, but they cheated.

They had a Pro football player on their side. An "icon and an entertainer" and well paid, it sounds like.

Anonymous said...

Dunc, I don't particularly like the back-room grime of big-time college football (which exists in Eugene, you can be sure), but I do believe in the concept of "innocent until proven guilty."

How 'bout you?

Duncan McGeary said...

Was it in dispute that his father solicited for money from another school.

But, O.K.

I was being snarky. Ducky snarky.

H. Bruce Miller said...

"You were pretty mouthy about wanting the Ducks to take on a big, powerful SEC school for all the marbles. Seemed pretty sure of yourself. How'd that work out?"

Worked out pretty well -- Ducks lost by three points on a last-second field goal.

According to all the SEC loudmouths, Auburn shoulda reamed them by about 40 points.

H. Bruce Miller said...

"They had a Pro football player on their side."

Only one?

I think college football should drop the pretense of amateurism. Since the college teams essentially are farm teams for the NFL, the NFL should recruit players for them and pay them. Pay the coaches too, and give the schools a substantial cut of the profits.

Duncan McGeary said...

And with a fluke running play in the last drive.

I mean, there are always fluke plays, but still....