Friday, February 4, 2011

Sleeping better, blogging less?

No, not me. I'm incorrigible when it comes to blogging. Can't stop me.

I finally met Lyle from Jake's, though we seem to have know each other for several years through our blogging. Just as I expected, we spoke the same language.

He mentioned that he writes his blogs because of insomnia and because he's been sleeping better, he's been blogging less.

(Again, can someone put a link into Jake's "Diner Life" Blog? I swear, as soon as I can remember I'm going to get one of my tech savvy friends to show me how to do it, and then....important, this...I'll use it often enough to learn it permanently. I'm a writer not a techer.)

Lyle's son, Jay, is getting into sports cards, and I hope I wasn't too negative about sports cards. I think it's a great hobby -- just not a real great money making venture...

One thing I think Lyle and I have in common in our business is that we follow our hearts and our instincts and manage to create businesses that have survived the ups and downs, even if they haven't made us rich.

Frankly, hard-nosed businessmen would never open a bookstore or a comic shop or a card shop or game store (or a diner?) in the first place-- once they looked at the figures. Fortunately, there seems to be enough people who combine business savvy and love of the business to keep them going.

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Lyle said...

Words well written, friend.

Jay really enjoyed your store.

And, we are rich, very rich....just not wealthy.

I wouldn't mind more money as long as we can keep the same life in our businesses. Your love of books and my love of people. That is what drives us on.