Saturday, December 20, 2008

Um.....don't know.

Maybe because people know who I am and can reach me, they seem to be under the impression that I know who all the other bubble bloggers are here in Bend.

I don't have a clue.

I've met 6 or 7 of the more prominent comment-ers, but even there I didn't write down their names and addresses.

I'm sort of assuming they've all come in to my store, checked me out, realized I was a doofus, and left.

I also can see how it is confusing to separate them all.

We've got Bendbubble2, Bend Economy Man, Bend Economy 2, and Bend Economy Bulletin Board. As far as I know, they're all different people.

Bendbubble2, I still think of as Paul-doh, aka Butter, aka Homer...

Bend Economy Man is BEM. (Or, as I call him, OB, the "Original Blogger.")

Bend Economy Bulletin Board is bendbb, (but has other people aligned with his board such as RDC.)

And Bend Economy 2 (and Bendbubble3 among others -- none of them seem to go anywhere) is the irrepressible Bilbo/Buster/Pedro, the man of a million names but one opinion at a time. He's the Joker in the deck, who manages to make everything else seem confusing. He's insulted when his issues aren't being discussed, but uses so many alias's that we never know what his issues are. (Well, obviously, other than Suterra and nofollow.)

Anyway, I was asked to get BB2 to get his time on the board correct. I believe this complaint actually refers to Bend Economy Bulletin Board.

So how about it bendbb? Can you get the time right?


I think that's who everyone isn't....

Or do I have it all wrong?

Who's in charge around here!

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Anonymous said...

You have always been our leader Ned Flanders.

Lastly, don't forget
the mother load of Bend Bubble history.

Suterra is only a issue because there is an OMERTA in this city by anyone to discuss the company.

NO-FOLLOW is an issue because only it makes dunc's site & BB2 invisible to the world, and the result is that only, and are visible to the world, and thus the world thinks that the bloggers of Bend are nuts.

If DUNC&HOMER ( same person ) where to disable the no-follow, then their intelligent and fair/balanced reporting could/would be visible to the world.

In many ways the SUTERRA & NOFOLLOW are the same both deal with an insidious type of BEND censorship. NO-FOLLOW where bloggers collectively hide their work in fear, and SUTERRA when an entire town is afraid to admit that the emperor of Bend is running a town that makes its bread-money by poisoning its neighbors.

Fear, self-censorship, silence, hopelessness, this is Bend, Orygun.