Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"May I Helllppp you."

Pat's been joking about going to work in a funeral home. Digging graves.

I guess he figures once you've worked in a comic shop there's nowhere else to go.

I told him to start talking a deep monotone voice, looking down his nose over steepled fingers, "My I Help You." He's been practicing. Not very Christmasy.

So he comes in yesterday, and says, "I just applied at a funeral home, and they offered me a job!"

"Really?" I exclaim. "Take it! It's the only job in town."

"I'm not sure," he says in a hushed, subdued voice. "They asked me if I minded working with 'body parts.' Besides.....it doesn't pay very well."

I'll get an update tomorrow from him.

But it occurred to me that not many people probably walk into funeral homes and apply for jobs. Always an option.

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dkgoodman said...

People are dying to get into funeral homes. :)