Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Keeping up the morale.

It requires a certain light touch to sell effectively. It's necessary to 'want' to make a sale, without an odor of 'needing' to make a sale. It requires the ability to let people walk away without being grumpy; and not greeting them at the door with a gloomy expression.

It's all in the head. I've started off days with a big sale and felt just great all day, only to end with lower than average sales. I've started off days with no sales for several hours, a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, and a creeping scowl on my face, only to end to day with a bang.

Early afternoon, had a woman hand me a 100.00 for a purchase, and I didn't have the change in cash.

"I haven't made the cash for change....yet," I said, with a smile.

"Oh, I like that. Yet. You have a good attitude."

"Not always," I laughed. "But I have learned it's harder to make a sale if you aren't cheerful."

Obviously, yesterday was another of those slow Tuesdays. I noticed that I had an even worse day last year, and ended up with a good Christmas, so I'm not taking it to heart. I think there is a hangover from Black Friday on the following week (which begs the question of how useful that weekend is -- especially if you achieved high sales by giving high discounts.)

One of the surprises to me is that morale is a problem at all. In the past, if I was feeling down about things it was understandable because I usually had bills to pay and debt building up.

This time, that isn't happening. But I still find those slow hours hard to endure cheerfully.

But I'm 10,000% better at it than I used to be.


Quimby said...

What's your worst day ever Dunc. Have you ever sold $0? If you look at it that way, it's all roses if you sell one pack of cards! See how it works?

(I learned this from "The Secret")....shhhhhhhh


Duncan McGeary said...

I've had one 0.00 day in 28 years.

A fluke.

But plenty of days under 100.00. Many, many days.

It's all about the average.

Michael said...

Several studies have shown that depressed people have a better understanding of reality. Life is challenging and to be able to get up everyday and fight the good fight you have to believe tomorrow will be better. Attitude will be even more important in the next few years. Half full when it's empty is hard to imagine but very necessary.

The rose colored glasses we all wear have fallen off and the bright light of hard times is shining on us all. The economy and our way of life needed a wake up call but did they have to drop the phone booth on our heads as well?