Sunday, December 7, 2008

The answer to all our problems....

I wake up Sunday mornings, pour myself a cup of coffee, and get the paper off the porch.

After shedding it's fat suit (the ad sections) the paper is much slimmer, but still slightly bigger than the daily.

And then I peruse.

Today, I discover that the Bulletin has the answer to our economic problems.


But of course! That would solve everything. More minimum wage retail jobs, a huge cavernous building, and lots and lots of cheap stuff.

Why didn't I think of that?

Oh, and traffic on the North of town to die for....literally.

There you go, folks. The answer to not enough retail sales is to build the biggest retail store you possibly can.

Really, why do we even put up with all these little stores? Walmart is so much cheaper. Downtown shops are really a waste of space. Plunk one big Walmart down there, and the problem is solved.

Think of the efficiencies. We wouldn't need a national health care plan, because we could all get Walmart's --no doubt -- generous health and retirement plans. Wages would be standardized: the Walmart wage.

Maybe Walmart could build us some cheap houses, while they're at it.

And surely, they could run a system of buses around town to make sure their employees --er, associates -- make it to work on time.

The government would only have to worry about collecting taxes from one store, and best of all, our product could all be Chinese made, thus ensuring that everyone gets access to the exact same cheap product.

This is Utopia, folks. The wide aisles, the Christmas muzak, my, god! Greeters at the door!

I think the Bulletin has hit on something, here. It's a Walmart world, and we all just live in it.


rotorman said...

I was opposed to a Walmart on the north side when the subject first came up. I'm even more opposed to it now. Not having read the Bull piece I can't see how this makes any sense except for the construction work it will provide. However, that would certainly be taking the short view. As an aside, if this were built, I can't think of another area that has 3 Walmarts in as small a radius as Bend/Redmond

Duncan McGeary said...

Whatever they might say, I think it would quickly be 2.

rotorman said...

How about a senario where the only retail left in Bend/Redmond are the 3 Walmarts? Scarey.

BilboBend said...

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BilboBend said...

I'll just say one thing about WALMART.

That be 'PATRON'.

The BULL ain't dumb, and their PATRON lord Hogg Hollern is a stumbled old fool on his last RE deal.

A smart codger would be whining & Dining da WALMART today, hell yes, FOLKS look at it this way, next year this time there will be ONE MAN standing in BEND buying AD SPACE, and who the fuck do you think that will be??

BilboBend said...

Dunc, Here's one for you, the answer to our problems, ... Who would have guessed?

Obama Warns Economy Will Worsen Before It Recovers (Update2)
Bloomberg - 1 hour ago
By Edwin Chen and Julianna Goldman Dec. 7 (Bloomberg) -- President-elect Barack Obama said the US recession will worsen before a recovery takes hold and that he will offer an economic stimulus plan “equal to the task” without worrying about a ...

blackdog said...

This is an example of why I stopped reading The Bullshittin editorial page. Nothing but standard right-wing, screw-the-working-class claptrap anymore.

Michael said...

Wal-Mart. The evil empire and the death of small business.

Shows the progression of Walmarts chronologically. Reminds me of a virus spreading.

BilboBend said...

Today the stock-market is UP, Wall St, loves layoff's.

The two best performing biz today are Walmart & McDonalds.

This is the future, and the BULL will embrace the future, as they need a new patron.

COVA will soon be promoting the fact that McDonalds & Walmart are always nearby when visiting Bend. Bend is special.