Saturday, December 13, 2008

Oh, well.....

Since it's been confirmed in the news (, it appears that a game store is opening in the Paper Place space on Oregon Ave.

I heard about this a couple of days ago, when Paul (a big game player in town) started to tell me that KC, owner of Diamond Sports in Redmond, was moving. I was halfway through the conversation before I realized he was talking about moving to Bend.

Normally, this would have made me blanch a little, maybe get a small chill, but I had no reaction basically. Not sure why. Maybe it's just happened so often, it's worn off. I know there are implications, but I just can't seem to get worked up about them.

I guess he's going to call the shop "Magic": gee, I wonder what's he's going to be selling?

I think I'll call and ask: "Hi. Do you have one of those top hats that you put disappearing bunnies into?"

For those of you who don't know, Magic is a card game that has a cult following. We called it "Magic the crack" for awhile because it can be very addictive.

Game stores that sell magic often have play space, and usually sponsor tournaments, with game prizes. There is actually a national circuit, of sorts.

When Gambit Games closed shop, Bend was left without a retail outlet that had play space: I wasn't interested, and didn't have the space.

So I'm going to see this as a possible plus; if nothing else, KC can stir the stick, get people interested, keep the game going for another few years.

Heard also that he was thinking about doing Warhammer. Which, as I mentioned, I have avoided because I think it is a Black Hole for inventory. Don't know about role-playing games and board games, but I'm assuming he'll try that, too.

Oh, and paint ball. Kind of odd thing to be selling downtown.

I have to be allowed one snarky comment, though.

Brilliant Timing.

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Jason said...

While I suppose I wish him the best of luck, he'd better try to learn to be at least a little bit personable with his customers.