Sunday, October 5, 2008

Tech adoption rates....

Several guys have told me that they are already adopting the new e-book technology.

I could come up with all kinds of "Yes, buts..."

but I won't.

I'll take their words under advisement.

I have had the unfortunate experience of having ordered tons and tons of anime video's, just as DVD's were coming along. Several other merchants warned me not to get into videos, but to wait for the DVD versions. But I stupidly read some so-called 'Experts' who had all kinds of facts and figures about how long it takes for new technology to be adopted by the 'majority' and so thought I had plenty of time to make the transition.

The experts were wrong; there was a very quick adoption rate, at least among the technologically savvy otaku. The videos become obsolete and worthless overnight and I had to essentially start all over with DVD's.

Even that effort became moot in the end. Best Buy arrived in town, and then the DVD technology was overtaken by 'downloading'; legal or otherwise. What are called 'fan-subs'; reaching the American audience not long after airing in Japan, instead of waiting years for the official version.

I am pretty much committed to bringing in new books, and I'm hoping I'll get at least 5 years worth of use out of the inventory before it becomes obsolete....

The e-book thing is not something that small stores are going to be able to compete much.

There is also that little matter of audio books, which seem to be getting bigger and bigger.

Maybe I'll just be left with the old folk, so should start stocking up on Big Print books now.


tim said...

I wouldn't make any decision based on the eBooks. It will take probably 5-10 years to play out.

Mass market adoption will start when the displays are higher resolution and support color. Why? Because it'll be magazines that drive it at first.

RDC said...

There is an e-book product on the i-phone which has good resolution and is in color.