Friday, October 31, 2008

As goes the city, so goes business....

If Bend is going to have a protracted downturn, which I'm convinced we will, then how do I approach coming here every day? To I put lipstick on the pig? Do I pretend the pig isn't there? Or do I slaughter and eat the pig?

So far, as 'negative' as some people have said I've been, if anything I've let the optimistic, hope for the best, part of me control my message, and my planning.

While the more logical, downbeat part of me was sort of nagging, then shouting at me.


I thought the article in the Bend Bulletin this morning about the Bend Reserves Fund, was a perfect representation of the "Hope for the Best" psychology that dominates at the beginning of every bubble burst. The unwillingness to believe, the inability to change. While your reserves get whittled away.

Actually the emergency that the reserves were created for, hasn't really even begun. We were well within the time range when changes in behavior could have changed the outcome. There have been some bloggers who have been saying for a couple of years that the BAT wasn't working, that Juniper Ridge needed to be scaled back or mothballed.

The 'Who could have seen it coming!' really doesn't wash.

Pay as you go. They should have made the decision to move to the Bulletin site BEFORE they bought the land. They should have gone to the voters for funding of the BAT, BEFORE they bought the buses. They should have realized that they were dealing with crisis management BEFORE they funded the dreams of "Bend 2030."

I can almost guarantee you that most businesses in Bend approached this downturn in almost the exact same way as the city, though, frankly, probably most of them never really had the reserves in the first place. On the other hand, most of them can make changes much quicker, and hopefully don't have white elephants like Juniper Ridge and BAT dragging them down.


RDC said...

It is easy to identify woulda, shoulda, coulda after the fact.

Now while I do not agree with a number of things that Bend has done (how they implemented BAT is a major one), there does need to be a certain amount of stretching for a town to improve and grow.

The biggest problem for Bend and with most governments these days is that they built their economic base with the bubble dollars included instead of keeping the base funding more conservative.

Actually in Bends case they went a step over that by reducing bubble revenue acting as if they could make it up later.

As far a Juniper Ridge I think the concept is good, but implementation hase been very poor. Actually that is the same issue with Bat, concept of a transit system is a good one, but focus and implementation is very poor.

Duncan McGeary said...


Yeah, but paying as you go is always a good policy, not just in retrospect.

The advice I gave to a couple of guys who were doing really well during the boom -- make sure you don't build any infrastructure underneath that you can't cut if it slows down.

Opening an office, buying tools on credit, or a new pick up truck, or contracting for services....

Bend, in a sense, did all those things....

RDC said...

That is what I meant by poor implementation. Bend is not alone in that reguard.

The bubble moeny should have been used for one time items, without incrweased long term expense. Instead they used it to get half way into some rather poor implementations, using the money to for things that will have large ongoing costs without those funds being available.

Anonymous said...

The bright side is the County is well prepared, and well sit through the downturn just fine.

It is only the city of Bend, that drank its own kool-aide, and budgeted millions for PR&MARKETING with no hope of ROI that is down & out.

Juniper-Ridge, BAT, ... all done with borrowed money, tens of millions, its ok, the reserve fund will carry the debt.

A few months ago I was at county talking to finance asking how they were going to survive, they said "No problem, we have been preparing for this downturn for a few years".

Such is the difference, the people who run Bend City-Hall are in denial, drink their own kool-aide, and beholden to developers. There is NO turning back, no austerity, no making builders pay SDC's, like any rational city would.

No in BEND, if the builders go down, then everyone must go down.

Anonymous said...

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Quimby said...

Dunc, yes, I was shocked and angry when I read of the gross mismanagement on the part of the city. It's comparable to losing your job, falling back on your nestegg and going on a spending binge! As the article states: a lack of financial discipline.

"Who would have guessed" is now a bullshit excuse. It is their JOB to guess and keep the city from insolvency.

RDC said...


I do believe that Bend must be having a shortage of aluminum foil these days.

Here you are agiant with all kinds of hyperbole again. Claims without support.

The warning on suterra are not any different then you would find on any pesticide out there, or for that matter just about any chemical. MSDS contain similar warnings on most organic solvents.

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The safety of many things today depends upon proper use. But then your discussions are not limited to the merits of the safety of the compounds. Instead you go off on claims of government conspiracies and all kind of mysterious evil intent on the part of anyone you don't like. Yet you offer no documents that support those points. In the postings you right it is guilt by association at best. If an association does not exist then you seem to do your best to try and create one.

Facts and accuracy of what you post is clearly not a major matter of concern.