Tuesday, October 28, 2008

1000th post.

1000 posts. A couple of novels worth of words.

I haven't missed a day so far.

Since I'm still a little less than a month shy of my 2nd year anniversary for Best Minimum Wage Job A Middle-Aged Guy Ever Had, I obviously have often posted more than once a day.

Actually, I'm peeved with myself that I didn't see that in time.

I could easily have hit a trifecta, if I'd noticed a little sooner. My second year anniversary is November 24th. It would have been cool if I could've hit my 1000 post on that date. But by the time I noticed, it was too late to keep my daily string going and align the two events.

Keeping the daily posting streak alive seems more important to me.

This has been a momentous month. Very unsettling, in some ways. We're halfway between summer business and Christmas. Both my birthday and my 25th Wedding Anniversary fell in October. My taxes due on Oct. 15. Of course, there's been the biggest election of my lifetime. A financial meltdown that is for the history books.

Interesting times.


Unknown said...


How does blogging affect you and your life? Always wondered the motivation and intent behind good blogs written well with forethought.

Just curious. Still enjoy your postings.

Congratulations on the achievement.

Keeneye said...

Congratulations on such dedication towards your online journal. I wish I had the time to post daily... maybe that could be a 30-day goal for me. :)

I enjoy reading your writings / rantings / meanderings.

Duncan McGeary said...


I'm giving it some thought....

Duncan McGeary said...

Thanks, Keeneye. I very much enjoy your blog, too.