Saturday, October 25, 2008

Is it over yet?

This is getting kind of anti-climactic.

Other than the supposed 'undecideds', who apparently are the sort of people who sit through an entire traffic light trying to decide whether to turn right or left, what's left? I may not have marked my ballot yet, but I know how it's going to turn out.

We're at that point in the football game where the announcers are desperately trying to find ways to keep the audience around. "Joe Quarterback has pulled off miracles before!"

McCain is doing nothing but attacking Obama. Obama has so much money he can both attack McCain, and run positive ads at the same time, and take a couple of days to go home and visit his sick Toot. And even that seems a good move.

McCain is resorting to charming terms from my childhood, like "Socialist." (Since Liberal isn't bad enough, what's next Commie Pinko?) Hoping for a doomsday event. I think I'm seeing a glimmer of relief behind Cindy McCain's frozen Halloween grin. Michelle looks exhausted. Obama looks cool and collected, as usual. Lady McPalin is sharpening her knives for the next go around.

They keep repeating the polls could be wrong. But check out the trend lines at the SLATE online site. They crossed in some of the red states a couple of weeks ago, and I'm trying to imagine what would make them turn around and cross back again in 10 days.

Obama is warning against getting overconfident. And I'm enough of a Democrat to worry.

Is it over yet?


Leitmotiv said...

Yeah it looks like it's in the bag, but after listening to the BBC last night I've discovered that this may be a repeat of 2000 when allegations of voter fraud abounded. Apparently a lot of Colorado's voters registrations are being tossed out on small discrepancies...

Bewert said...

Yeah, lot's of reports if problems in FL, GA, VA, IN, OH, NM, TN, and WV at

Anonymous said...

"I think I'm seeing a glimmer of relief behind Cindy McCain's frozen Halloween grin."

I read an extended biography of Cindy awhile back and she made clear that she would just as well not be the First Lady. She'd just as well go back to Arizona. And why not? She's got a pretty good thing going.

I wonder how these little subtle things can sometimes affect a campaign.