Tuesday, June 24, 2008


The critics are loving this movie based on a comic. They're saying it's going to have an impact like the Matrix; it's a cutting edge, mind-blowing action flix.

Only problem: I happen to know that it doesn't really resemble the graphic novel, except in its main premise. The comic series was a well-drawn, well-written superhero comic, with a sort of meta subtext about being a fanboy. Well worth reading on it's own.

The movie is an action flix. Not so much superheroes. And nothing of the subtext.

I originally was going to only have a couple these in stock, but since the Rotten Tomatoes critics are 95% approving, I'm ordering a bunch more today.

Last time this happened was Men In Black. The comic was a minor effort, from a small company that was already out of business, black and white, out of print and unavailable, that no one had noticed when it came out.

The movie was huge.

But only because they took the main premise and vastly improved on it. At least the Wanted graphic novels is pretty cool in its own right.

Meanwhile, to continue the more mundane diary aspects of this blog. I got eaten alive a couple of days ago. Woke up yesterday morning with welts all over my body. Dozens of them.

I'd spend most of Sunday gardening. We have a third acre plot, and on the other side of the fence, running along the road to the north of us, is a strip that I figure I'm responsible for. Totally infested with grass and weeds. I managed to do the half by our house, which has a kind of cool rocky outcropping, but the rest that stretched down the street was too overwhelming.

I started doing a few feet, and ended up finishing off the whole thing. Williamson Park is a well-maintained neighborhood. So I finally caught up and don't have to feel guilty anymore.

Anyway, I saw one black ant crawling up my arm, and thought, "oh, oh. Hope I'm not sitting on an anthill." But -- this is weird, whatever was biting me, I didn't feel it.

I don't think it was mosquitoes. Didn't see any, and my wife was with me for an hour, and she's a mosquito magnet. I only have to take my wife with me, and she gets all the attention. Plus, I was wearing a new thick cotton t-shirt, loose, so I don't think they could've got under that.

Anyway, I'm itching like crazy. Good thing it wasn't Linda, because these welts would be bloody craters by now; she simply can't leave them alone.

Man, it's itchy.

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