Monday, June 16, 2008

The Sea of Pick-Me's!

So now I've done four weeks over the last three months of no reorders. (Actually, I've done 6, but I've fallen off the wagon to the equivalent of the other two weeks.)

A couple of more weeks in mid-summer, and I'll be set for fall. A couple more weeks in fall and I'll be set for Christmas, and so on.

I've come up with a little image in my mind that I think is accurate.

I picture 'schools of product' (like schools of fish) in a giant ocean of product, all saying "pick me! me. me. me. me. me. me! ME! me! me! me. me. me.

me me me me! PICK ME! me! Waves of me, rising and falling.

I've been diving into that sea for the last three years, scooping up as many 'me's' as I can afford.

What I need to do now is wait for a product to jump out of that sea of ' pick me.'

"Pick ME!" it says. Maybe even let it jump into my boat.

I need to be a lazy fisherman. For awhile. The sea is bountiful.

Sorry if this is an annoying analogy; but I'm trying to motivate myself to be conservative.


Liz said...

I'm going to suggest an RPG product, this one here Very pulp fantasy setting and it's the best intro to the product line. Plus, it has a four-panel map.

Bewert said...

Bet your Dad is a happy man right now--Tiger prevails after 19 holes. After 18 it was tied, and Rocco missed a put by a few inches to loseo Tiger. One hell of a tournament.