Saturday, June 28, 2008

New books honeymoon.

I'm in that honeymoon phase with both new books and with board games. Especially new books, which are very close to being my second best selling category. Actually, it's new and used books together, but since I don't even have to pay for the used books makes it my second most 'profitable' category without a doubt.

I haven't separated out the new from the used; I'd love to know, but it would be just too much work at this point. A good argument for a Point of Sale computer.

Anyway, I recognize the Honeymoon Symptoms. I start thinking this is 'easy', that since it's easy, it has great potential. I see the customers as pleasant to deal with, and I see bright vistas spreading before me.


I have felt that way about every one of my fairy princess new product lines. Eventually they turn into pumpkins.

Not that pumpkins are a bad thing.

It's just that they are a regular thing. Every product has it's pluses and minuses, and customers pretty much are people no matter what they're buying, if you know what I mean.

That said....

Man, that was easy. I added new books almost on a whim, and look how they're selling!
The reorganization has worked just the way I hoped it would. People coming in off the street see the books and just assume that I'm a bookstore. I'm quite amazed by how many of them managed to find a book, either new or used.

I'm not under the constant pressure to keep up with the product changes; like with card games or sports cards or comics.

As far as bright vistas: What would happen if I was really paying attention and applying myself? What would happen if I made more room for them?


Despite it being my second best selling category, it still represents less than 15% of sales. Comics and graphic novels are my main thing; and I at least have to consider the possibility that my big drop in comic sales (30%) is because I changed my focus.

I don't think that's what's happening. And if it is happening, I have to consider that it argues even more for diversity. If adding a few bookshelves has hurt my comic sales (who's space and effort and inventory weren't reduced in the slightest) then maybe that just shows how vulnerable comics are to big swings.

Big changes take years. If I wanted to reduce my manga and anime footprint and increase my boardgame and new books footprint, I have to do it in such a way that my manga and anime don't become worthless. Which means finessing the manga and anime, reducing the lesser titles, but keeping the better titles in stock.

I have to make sure I don't lose sight of the importance of comics and graphic novels.

But it's really nice to have options.

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