Saturday, April 20, 2013

That was a pretty cool movie...gunfights! Car chases! Manhunt!

I don't want to minimize the tragedy.  The deaths of innocent people and the awful carnage from below.

But we all got pretty caught up in the narrative of the story.   Like a movie that was so exciting we were willing to sit through the slow parts.

To me, there was a lot of troubling aspects to the whole thing.  I mean, I think it's great they caught the guy alive.  But I wonder if we'll discover a larger reason than the uncle's "They're losers!"

I could go on -- but almost all my concerns were about the varying levels of what happened, not so much what happened, and since the levels are something that can be endlessly argued, there isn't much point.

So for instance, is 1 cop every 50 feet enough, or do we need 1 cop every 25 feet?  Or every 10 feet?

Did the level of attention it all got just give the terrorists what they wanted?  What's the right level of attention?  Are we all drama junkies?

Is shutting down an entire city the right response?  An entire transportation corridor?  What message does that give copycats?

And so on.  And so on.

I'm ambivalent. 

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