Monday, April 29, 2013

Perfect gardening weather.


Did the middle third of the back garden.  I'm going to finish off the last third today.  I've tried really hard not to go off on tangents.  I have some overgrown plants I want to subdivide and plant elsewhere, but I need to prepare new ground first.

Nope.  Stick to cleaning the existing garden before I do anything else.

The front garden should only take one more day, possibly even counting the side garden.  Two days at most.

Then finally, the big, big job of cleaning up the side on the other side of the fence which has always been out of sight out of mind. 

Perfect weather for gardening.  Cool.  Time to get it done.

Then, I'm going to spend the next week fertilizing everything.

Only then will I attempt to open up new territory and try transplanting.


Wrote a Donner Party chapter.  I've decided to extend this side story into three or four chapters.  All kinds of werewolfian things happened on that journey.  Lots of interesting characters and incidents.

Really, it should be it's own book.  I can't tell if anyone has ever combined Donner Party and werewolves.  There appears to be a White Wolf game scenario that uses elements.

Hard to believe no one had done this idea. 

In thinking of it as a full book, it would be a real stretch of my abilities.  Especially, the getting the details and the dialogue right, as well as the full range of emotions and horror.

I'm going to write my little chapters for Wolflander and see where they lead. 

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