Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ridiculously productive.

I continue to be ridiculously productive.

I've given in to my obsessive/compulsive tendencies and I'm writing as much as I want.  I won't even tell you how fast I'm writing Wolflander, because it's kind of embarrassing.

The only thing that seems to be limiting me is the hours in the day -- and an overall nagging sense that I should give myself a little breathing room to let the creative wellspring fill.

Who knows how long this will last?  I may have a ton of material done before I even start to try to market them.

I've worked out the process -- which I think was most of the battle.  I've found a rhythm that seems to maximize my creative urge.  I've removed artificial limits about how much I can and should write.  I've focused on the creative part and made it an internal process that is complete in and of itself.

I have a ton of creative energy -- which I spent 30 years lavishing on my store.  I don't think other people can see it when it's used on work, but when the words just keep flowing like this, it's pretty hard to hide. This blog has been a hint at how much energy I have for words -- I've always actually kind of held back.  Believe it or not.

Not saying it's immortal literature -- but I do think I'm getting better.  The focus is on a good story, that I hope people will enjoy.  In order to get there, I'm trying to tell myself a good story that I enjoy.

No shortage of ideas -- just of time, and physical energy.  Both of which I'm expending in perhaps ridiculous amounts. 

But I'm going to keep giving myself permission.


Duncan McGeary said...

This seems to be getting easier.

Don't laugh but I'm even typing faster. And my spelling is suddenly better. Weird.

But I am spending huge numbers of hours on it, so I guess that makes sense.

Duncan McGeary said...

I'm trying to avoid writing on "empty." I think I'm getting very close to the edge of that, but because of the way I'm doing it -- giving myself plenty of time to do it through the day and planning ahead, I've avoided it so far.