Monday, June 4, 2012

Yet another Bend Madoff.

I almost let this pass. After all, fraud takes place everywhere.

But the similarities to the Sawyers are just too blatant.

Guy is accused of bilking an elderly man. From KTVZ:

"The initial reports claimed Larry Allan McCright, 56, had stolen over $180,000 over a six-month period, including using bank cards belonging to the victim without the victim’s permission as well as stealing several personal items and selling them for money..."

"Detectives learned McCright had been using some of the allegedly stolen money to support his company, Diamond Point Ventures Development..."

So I go check his website, and it's awful. Like a trumped up resume (Vice-President of a landscaping company? Really?) combined with insane self-esteem and crazy feel-good reasons for doing business. I think reading such B.S. should immediately warn anyone off.

Plus, the guy starts his construction company in 2007! Nice timing.

Actually, though, I'm not sure if it's a construction company, an investment company, a promotions company, a landscaping company or all the above. Which, again, would seem to be a common characteristic of people who are so muddled in their business practices that they are inclined to mix and co-mingle their finances.

Anyway, I suppose all these people just think they need this money to tide themselves over -- but such a fundamental misunderstanding of the situation means they are doomed to fail.


H. Bruce Miller said...

It's not surprising these scam artists proliferate here; this town floats on a sea of bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Seriously? These scam artists proliferate wherever there are vulnerable people. Which means pretty much everywhere.


Anonymous said...

"The USA government is a PONZI" - Madoff 2011 from a prison interview.

Now that is the truth, the US dollar is the biggest ponzi in history.

Anonymous said...

yes, but this guy was he working for his wife? was he a cop?

this is just normal everyday bend fraud,

what's interesting is when the judges or cops get caught with their hands in the till,

what's the real estate angle? where were the cops? How much did the judges pocket?

just another stupid everyday bend grift, ... so fucking what, ... bad news day?

blogger fodder failure in my mind

Anonymous said...

Well HBM is right about one thing, when the californians arrive here they always float to the top of Bend.

Anonymous said...

Picky, but the KTVZ account was very careful to not say that it was an elderly man.

The Bulletin seems to be deliberately burying the story. Curious, huh?

H. Bruce Miller said...

"These scam artists proliferate wherever there are vulnerable people."

True, but Bend seems to have an unusual number of them, on a per capita basis.

H. Bruce Miller said...

"Well HBM is right about one thing, when the californians arrive here they always float to the top of Bend."

Tami Sawyer has lived in Bend for many, many years. I'm pretty sure this guy McCright is a longtime Central Oregonian too.

It's funny to see the Bend homers blame all the evils of the world on Californians. We have plenty of our own homegrown sleazebags.

Anonymous said...

McCright is nothing more than a scam artist - who has manipulated 100s including his own parents. His business is fraud. I hope this incident speaks loudly enough to keep him locked up.

Anonymous said...

The only thing true on mccright's profile is that he actually was the vice president of a landscape co in powell butte. His girlfriend was president so she would take any falls that came along. Only thing was is she was as big a criminal as mccright.Saved her ass by testifying before a closed grand jury hearing.
Larry has been a con since high school graduation. His first major business business, a interstate trucking co landed him in the federal penitentiary. From then on he never walked forward without looking over his shoulder. The fact that it took deschutes co over 2 decades to put this man behind some serious bars is a joke. I guess we have to take comfort in the fact that he'll be 72 yrs old before he see's the world without bars (unless the idiots let him out early).
To all of us (mostly female), victims of Larry McCright, this is the only justice that we will ever see.