Friday, June 15, 2012

Kevin Durant should be a Blazer.

We checked out downtown Flagstaff, which again struck me as very Bend like, with a Southwest flavor of course. A bit more new-agey, maybe. Also checked out Bookman's, which I had actually heard of. My comment to my wife was "This is an indy store that has gotten out of control!"

Then we were on our way.

So we check into our motel room in Santa Fe, and there is all kinds of hootin' and hollerin' in the room next door.

I poke my head out the door, thinking teenagers and there are two rooms with open doors with a bunch of middle-aged people being loud and boisterous. It's 8:30, but I'm thinking, "Maybe they're just getting started..."

So I go down to the desk and ask if there is another room available if we have to move, and the clerk says there is one in another part of the motel, but why?

"Can't you hear that?" I ask in disbelief? "Come out into the hallway..."

So we go out into the hallway and there are some older ladies drifting toward us and I'm saying, "Is it bothering you too?"

They say, "What?" and immediately I know I've stepped in it. "Are you talking about the hollering?"


"We were supposed to get the conference room. We're Oklahomans and we're watching the basketball game..."

"Ohhhhhh!" I say. "So you'll be done, midnight?"

"Oh, come join us! We got pizza and we're just cheering our team."

By now, I'm feeling guilty I ever complained..."Well if the Blazers hadn't drafted Greg Oden instead of Kevin Durant, we wouldn't have this problem..."

She just looks at me blankly.

"It's O.K., " I say. "I just didn't know what was going on. We're just really tired and we're just taking it easy."

Anyway, I haven't heard any rebel yells for awhile, so ... maybe they've settled down.

Or, the Thunder are losing...

(Turns out, they got the conference room...)

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