Sunday, June 10, 2012

Oh, mighty traveler.

I've mentioned before, I suck as a traveler. No stamina, no flexibility.

The motel here in Fernly is perfectly nice. Cool, comfortable beds. There are train tracks right outside the door, but that didn't prove to be too bad.

Still, I just couldn't sleep. After driving for 9 hours, I felt too achy, and if anything, too tired to sleep.

Too tired to sleep.

The pillow was too long. See what I mean? Not a terribly flexible traveler. Slept, MAYBE, 3 hours.

Anyway, on the way here, we blew right through Reno, which was way bigger than I thought it would be. Neither Linda and I are much interested in gambling, or drinking, or the crowds.

I told Linda I want to plunk a dollar in a slot machine before we leave the borders.

I think our decision to blow on through to Las Vegas and beyond (2 long days, 8 hours or more) before we slow to catch the sights is the right on. For most of the trip, we could just as easily been in Harney county. You see one great basin highway, you've seen them all.

Not that there aren't probably lots of cool things to see, but that wasn't the purpose of this trip. We want to see Toby and Lisa, first, and the great national parks second: Zion, Bryce and the Grand Canyon.

There was a very long stretch of nearly nothing from Klamath Falls to Reno. Finally stopped at an old country store, which was kind of cool old-fashioned general store. I noticed the sign "For Sale" outside.

"How long you been in business?" I ask.

"Going on 65 years," he says.

"Whow...I've been in business for 28 years, and that usually impresses the hell out of people. But I noticed your For Sale sign."

"Been for sale for 15 years, back when there was actually a chance someone would buy it..."

"Babe! Did you hear that? They've been in business for 65 years!"

"Babe?" he laughs. "You must be newlyweds."

"No...." I shrug. "I just still love her," I say apologetically.

"Me too," he says. "Babe!" he calls out.

My wife answers from the front of the store, but there is silence from the back.

He laughs. "Well, she looked up at least."

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Anonymous said...

Did you have a chance to see Prometheus yet? Saw it last night and was pleasantly surprised. But then, I don't go to see many movies.

Had to sit through at least 7 trailers -- seems like more than ever before.