Thursday, June 7, 2012

A, I mean, restful vacation.

I'm of two minds about traveling vacations. (About vacations, I have no doubt -- they're great.)

Linda and I are planning on doing some traveling this summer.

On one hand, I like getting out of town. I like seeing new things.

On the other hand, it sometimes seems like more of a hassle than it's worth. I'd love to just jump in the car and go, and trust in the gods to find a route and a safe haven at the end of each day.
But since we're going at what are some peak tourist seasons, that would seem dubious.

It's all about logistics, logistics, logistics. Especially if you own a business. I've made great progress as delegating responsibilities, but I'm far from being able to just walk away for any extended length of time. (One of the main reasons I haven't expanded, moved, or duplicated lately, is that I learned my weakness in this area.) So I have to set all that up; schedule the employees, figures out expenses in advance, pay all the bills, make sure I have inventory coming in on a regular basis.

Since at least one of our trips is going to be significantly longer than ever before, I decided I needed to have backups and emergency numbers. That I needed people to watch the house, and take care of the cat, etc. etc.

Then there all the things we need to do before we go. Mow the lawns, do the dishes, the laundry, blah, blah, blah...

Is this really worth it?

Hopefully, it will be easier the next time. We got our legal matters finally in place (wills and such). Hopefully, we'll do this often enough that we'll learn how to make it easier.

I know my Mom got tired of all the travel and just wanted to take care of her garden, but Dad just kept going.

I long ago decided that I didn't want to be encumbered with motorhomes and such. I don't want to have to worry about maintenance and parking and all the rest. I figured that we could afford a whole lot of 100.00 a night stays in moderately comfortable motels, for the cost of any kind of turtle home I could want that I could afford.

Besides, wouldn't be too useful if Linda and I ever manage to get over the oceans.

I got to say ,though. I think we've spent at least as much time preparing for our trip as the trip is going to last. Which is sort of weird. Wasn't this supposed to be relaxing?

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H. Bruce Miller said...

Interesting, and significant, that "travel" and "travail" come from the same root. I hate to travel anymore. I like being in new and different places, but I hate the process of getting there.