Saturday, June 9, 2012

Fun and games at the bug station.

The "bug station" at the California border always catches me by surprise. I feel a moment of panic -- "Oh, my god! What are we smuggling?"

Last time, I waved my hand at the nice lady and said, "These are not the fruit you are looking for...."

She just blinked, and said, "Oh! All right then!" and waved us along.

This time, I turned to Linda. "Anything?"

"Just personal fruit."

I pull up and the guy asks and I say, "We just have personal fruit."

The guy sort of freezes, looks sideways for as second, "What does that mean?"

I turn to Linda, "What do you mean by "personal" fruit?"

"An apple and a pear."

He looks at us puzzled, and then waves on on. "Move along. Move along." (Actually he doesn't say that, but going with the S.W. theme....)

Both times Linda and I burst out laughing before we've moved more than a few feet.

It's probably only funny to us.