Monday, June 25, 2012

Where have all the truckers gone....

The lead story on U.S.A. Today is that there is a shortage of truckers.

Which is pretty synchronic to my two week road trip. You couldn't help but notice truck after truck with "Drivers Wanted" signs on the back.

"You'd think with the unemployment rate, that people would be clamoring for those jobs..." I said.

But I'd read somewhere that some employers were finding it hard to find people who didn't have criminal records and/or could pass the drug test and/or fill out the minimal employment applications and/or pass a credit check.

It also turns out it also costs like 6K to go to driver's school and you have to be 21.

But the biggest reason, according to the article, seems to be -- it's too much work and you have to be away from home too long.

Another job for immigrants?

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