Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday Wats?

The Bulletin's little conceit of "High Desert Madness" maybe wasn't as silly as I thought.

That Final Four bracket of "Fill in the Blank Fest" and "Mt. Bachelor" and "Beer" and "Juniper Tree" was actually pretty savvy.

And the Juniper Tree winning was interesting. Yeah, the Juniper tree as representative of Bend, Oregon? Absolutely. Love them or hate them.

(My blog's entry into the 64 field was like getting an official invite from the smallest division in the world.)


Couple of interesting graphs I've seen lately. Oregon is 46th in terms of religiosity. And the media we listen to more than anyone else is -- N.P.R.

We are talking, of course, of that other side of the mountains.


Went to see The Hunger Games, which I think followed the book rather closely. It was good, but didn't wow me or anything.

Turns out, the setting for District 12 in the movie is an abandoned town in North Carolina and it's for sale!

What do you think? We could turn it into a Hunger Games theme-park. Stay a night in Katniss's hovel -- I mean, home! Eat campfire roasted squirrel! Best of all, no renovations necessary.


Frontline documentary last night sort of implied that Rupurt Murdock and most of his senior staff may go to jail in England for the crime of, well, let's use the technical term -- Scumbaggery.

So the owner of Fox News will be a lying, cheating felon.

Which means, technically, he can't be owning media in the U.S.

However, I'm sure he will figure out a way to continue on with his Scumbaggery.


Read the third to last chapter of I'm Only Human last night at writer's group. I'm going to be very close to finishing reading it by the time I start my rewrites.

The general impression I'm getting is that I'm going to need to tighten the plot, do some cutting, and try to improve the tension level in the last half of the book.

Fortunately, I've got enough wordage that I can do that and still have a -- hopefully improved -- book at the end.


I figured at the beginning of the Great Recession that the time will come when commercial real estate might actually get cheap enough to warrant looking into.

The purchase by Sports Vision of the Antiquarian space may be a sign of that. The old rock building on the corner of Franklin and Third sold, at a price that I think was considerably cheaper than the listed price. And a fairly large building sold for what seems an affordable price in the Old Mill.

To me, selling for such low prices isn't so much a "sign of hope" for commercial real estate, as the Bulletin puts it, but an indicator that prices are finally becoming more realistic.


Bewert said...

Dunc, Hulse is becoming progressive.

H. Bruce Miller said...

"The Bulletin's little conceit of "High Desert Madness" maybe wasn't as silly as I thought."

Refreshing to see that "The 300 Days of Sunshine Myth" was entered, and actually made it to the Round of Eight! Can Bendites finally be opening their eyes to reality?