Friday, March 2, 2012

Penny's Galleria is now 1000 Wall.

What's with the naming after numbers? New fad, I guess.

I was reading a story about "when" someone should change their logo, to be more "up to date." Frankly, that has never occurred to me. I've had the same flying horse logo since the beginning and why on earth would I change it?

Being in the same location for 30 years, I may be the last "unimproved" space downtown, heh. (Well, I did do a makeover about 20 years ago.) I'd love to replace the ceiling, the lights, the carpet, give everything a fresh coat of paint, but I have nightmares about moving all the stuff in the store.

Most people just see the product plastered all over the store, and not much past that.

Does everything have to be fancy? Can't a little funk be allowed to survive?

I have called downtown a case of "failing upward." Every time a business goes out of business, the next business (or landlord) makes improvements which raises the rents which then make it that much harder for the next business to survive.

The vacancy rate and rent rate are based more on whether there is another business lined up to take the space, than whether anyone is actually making money, which is fine as long as there is always someone lined up.

Not much anyone can do about it. Penny's Galleria become "1000 Wall" is just a classic case of gentrification. I'm sorry that downtown is losing it's last vestiges of Funk, but the process is too far along to reverse now.

LATER: Was telling Linda about changing the logo. "What am I going to do, change my logo to something more cyber looking?"


"You know, like changing the flying horse into something metallic looking, or steampunkish...."


"Actually, that's kind of a cool idea."


Leitmotiv said...

yeah that is kind of a cool idea

H. Bruce Miller said...

I had forgotten it was ever called Penny's Galleria.

Things will get confusing with both a 1000 Wall and a 900 Wall.

H. Bruce Miller said...

You have a logo?

Duncan McGeary said...

Yes, amazingly enough, a Pegasus.

It was drawn by Mike Richardson when he owned the store and I never changed it.

It used to be all over the signs and stationary and is still on my business card.

The landlords aren't really allowing much in the way of signage anymore. Another one of those "Improvements" downtown.

Bewert said...

I'm trying to say this nicely, somehow, but the City is still a mess.


I thought Alan was a jerk when I lived in Bend, but must agree with him on the water issue.

I like this one, as the City Engineer ignores the cost part of the question:

"Claim: The proposed project had the highest risk rating and was the most expensive in the Alternative Study.

Response: The proposed project did not have the highest level of risk. All of the alternatives studied had a similar level of risk. In fact, there was less than one percent difference in the level of risk assessed for the “keep surface water” and “all groundwater” alternatives. The “keep surface water” alternative was selected because it provides the most benefit and was the only alternative that meets Bend’s long-term need for reliable, high-quality drinking water."

Keep up the good fight.

Bewert said...

I can't believe the City wants to invest $100K per citizen on that pipeline. Bend could be a great little city with realistic management.

Bewert said...

My bad, miscounted zeros, $70,000,000 divided by 70,000 citizens is only $1000 each. Easily affordable, right?

H. Bruce Miller said...

"Bend could be a great little city with realistic management."

Yeah, that and a better climate.

keeneye said...

Considering that what could be bought for pennies back in the 80's is now selling for $1000's now.... I think the name is a sign-of-the-times.