Saturday, March 3, 2012

Told you so?

Old Bubble Blogger Bruce Bewert likes to toss a "told you so" every so often from a distance. He split town, but can't seem to get over how dysfunctional Bend it.

When the water "deal" was announced, I wondered if it was a complete capitulation, or some sort of delaying tactic. Apparently, the opponents think the latter.

Still, a delaying tactic seems better than going full speed ahead when you don't have the money.

Speaking of which, today's Bulletin has this headline: "Bend Officials Have Gloomy Outlook For City's Finances."

I'm thinking about making a career change, since according to our Police Chief it looks like I can "steal your stuff and we won't be looking at it unless you get beat up while they steal your stuff." Hey, I'm not into beating people up, but I wouldn't mind taking all their possessions without consequence. Sounds like a deal.

O.K. O.K. I won't bring up all the money we wasted on Juniper Ridge, or the lost opportunities to raise funds while the boom was actually happening.

I'm a little confused by this, though:

"Officials say that until these problems are fixed, both residential and economic growth within Bend will be hindered to the point of stagnation."

So which is it? Are we going to face growth with insufficient infrastructure? What about that first paragraph in the story?:

"Bend officials aren't optimistic about the city's five-year financial outlook, and they aren't banking on a major economic rebound."

Maybe I'm dense, but it seems to me that whatever growth occurs needs to pay for whatever infrastructure improvements need to be made to handle that growth.

No, I suspect the real problem is that our officials let Bend grow beyond what it's infrastructure could handle without installing revenue streams to pay for that growth because it's the same "No Tax" mentality that infests the rest of our country.

I think there is almost zero chance that any tax measure will be approved. So the only other options are higher rates, or reduced services, or longer waits,

So No Tax to you, and keep your doors locked and don't get in a car accident and try not to play with fire.


H. Bruce Miller said...

"Maybe I'm dense, but it seems to me that whatever growth occurs needs to pay for whatever infrastructure improvements need to be made to handle that growth."

You're not dense, you're logical. But the Builder-Developer-Realtor Axis runs Bend, and until that changes Bend will never adopt a logical approach to managing growth. It'll alternate between periods of bubble and bust, and during the bust periods it won't have the money to pay for the infrastructure and public services that the growth made necessary. This has been going on in Bend for about 40 years and I don't expect it ever to change. Certainly not in my lifetime or probably yours.

Anonymous said...

If you list them as Builder-Realtor-Developer axis you can call the by their acronym. B.R.D.'s or BiRD's for short. It give a whole new meaning to flipping someone the BiRD. Just like they have to Bend, Sisters and Redmond.

shopping monkey said...

Did you read the article about Stockton, CA (3/3 bulletin)? I saw some of Bend in that story, only on a bigger scale.

H. Bruce Miller said...

Anon.: Excellent suggestion. I will take it.