Monday, March 12, 2012

Barsoom rules!

Let Legends Rule.

Have no idea what it means, I just woke up with the phrase running through my head.


Turns out, a lot of the nerd verse is rallyig to the defense of John Carter. Someone mentioned that he thought it was because of the older nerds who went to the movie because we knew what Barsoom was. Lots of writers and cartoonist have come out and said they really like the movie.

Sounds about right.

I'm sorry that I was part of the steady negative drumbeat, even though I always intended to go see it and judge for myself. As I said, I hated the title change: Warlord of Mars, Princess of Mars, or even John Carter of Mars, all would have evoked the wonder of the original pulp.

I'm not the only one who thinks that Disney mismanaged the marketing; it looked way too generic. I didn't know it had been directed by the guy who did Nemo and Wall-E until a few days before it came out.

And I still maintain that it could've been just as good a movie if they had shaved 100 million off the special effects -- then the money its earning would have made it a hit.

I thought it was just as entertaining as Avatar, for instance. Hopefully, it will get some good word of mouth.



H. Bruce Miller said...

"I thought it was just as entertaining as Avatar"

Not much of an endorsement.

H. Bruce Miller said...

Brutal headline on NY Times Review: "Ishtar Lands on Mars." OUCH!

Maybe it's just not that good a movie, Dunc.

H. Bruce Miller said...

From the Times: "The only silver lining for Disney may be a dubious one: last March the studio’s “Mars Needs Moms” flopped so badly that it also required a write-down, making year-on-year performance comparisons less brutal."

Memo to Disney execs: Stay the hell away from Mars.

Duncan McGeary said...

Gosh you're right. I shouldn't have enjoyed it. ;)

H. Bruce Miller said...

I'm sure you and many other people enjoyed it, and that's perfectly fine. There just aren't enough of you.

Broofa said...

Saw it and, despite my initial reaction to the trailer (essentially, "OMFG, they've ruined it!"), I rather enjoyed it. A good romp that didn't take itself too seriously. It was so far removed from the book that it didn't even ruin the book for me, which was a pleasant surprise.

That said, I think it mostly succeeded because I went in with low expectations. I need to reread the book, but my memory is of a world of outlandish deeds and archetypal characters.

Not so in this movie. The deeds are outlandish - mostly due to impressive special effects - for sure. But except for Dejah Thoris (easily the best character in the movie) the other characters all seemed a bit contrived and rather watered down. I was particularly unconvinced by both John Carter and Tardos Mors.

Sadly, this is going to go down as a decent but largely unmemorable attempt at bringing the wonderful universe of Barsoom to life. Hopefully someone else will do a better job in the future.