Monday, March 5, 2012


Even in the benighted 70's, even as a benighted teenager, I knew better than to call any girl a "slut" or a "prostitute."

What interests me about the Limbaugh thing, other than his apparent lack of awareness that the Pill costs the same whether you have a little sex or a lot of sex, is what he does from here.

I think he's managed to dance on the edge for a long time (to me, he's been over the edge many times), but has had either an innate instinct about how far he can go, or has just figured his followers will follow him anywhere. (Which, by the comments I've read, is still true. His advertisers, not so much.) does he proceed? Does he take a step back, think about what he's saying? Go on as usual and trust in his instincts? Can he even say anything interesting if he has to step back from his usual blowhard persona?

He'll be watched like a hawk for awhile. Has he been defanged? Has his viagra of bile been taken away from him?

I'm not hopeful.


H. Bruce Miller said...

Flush Rimbowl's legions of adoring, brain-dead fans don't care what he says -- in fact, the more outrageous and piggish he is, the more they love him. This will blow over.

Anonymous said...

I thought he lost all credibility when he was sending out his illegal latina housemaid to buy his oxycontin on the streets for him way back when. Gotta give him some props, the man sure can dig himself deep holes and then climb out of them. Doubt the slut thing will hurt him much - his audience reveres each and every word he utters. Probably says more about them than him, I guess. Who is that other one, the guy with the cowboy hat who called the women's basketball team nasty names? He's back, right? No big deal - this is the USA and all is eventually forgiven especially when there is money to be made.

Bewert said...

If a nation expects to be both ignorant and free, it expects what
never was and never will be.
-- President Thomas Jefferson. 1743-1826

Bewert said...

Rush's fans will never abandon him. My 80-year old father-in-law is a prime example. However, they may die off--see prior prime example.

Re: checking in from afar--I do like Bend, especially as a place to visit. Had a friend go over this summer and come back complaining about traffic, so you must be doing OK.

What is surprising is the growing pushback on the surface water project. The surface water pipe is a boondoggle that will make someone a lot of money. Plus take a lot of water out of the Tumalo watershed.

Now when you see the same pushback from the Bull then things will really be changing.

Latest from Cascade Biz News here. Hulsman has turned up the heat a bit:

"1.1 Peak Summer Use (maximum daily demand)

Mr. Hickmann makes the following statement about the City’s water use:

The City has recorded peak summer use (maximum daily demand) exceeding 29 mgd in 2009 {A-1, B-6}

Comment: Mr. Hickmann has his facts wrong and his comment is misleading."

Stay out of debt. Simplest rule of all.

Masters Cycling Nats are in Bend in September this year, so there is good chance I'll come by and say hi after the Crit closes your streets, Dunc ;)