Thursday, March 1, 2012

February results.

Taking 12 days off was just too much. Especially since with just one intervening working week, I'd done the same thing just before that.

I'm feeling a little out-of-place out-of-time at the store.

Thing is, I really like my store, I like being there. I'm taking advantage of the fact I have a good crew right now, but I wouldn't mind working more days.

When I do work, it's rather exhausting. Lots of work saved up -- orders, bill paying, stocking, and all the things I'm unwilling to delegate. Though I'm delegating more and more, little by little.

Trying to coast through the late winter and early spring, and then gear up again for summer and the second half of the year. The store got so stocked at Christmas, that I'm somewhat living of the fat of the land.

We've now beaten last year for the last 8 months. This month, we really did well. Up by 22%, which was even more of an increase than Christmas. (If the snow storms hadn't hit in the last three days of the month, it would have been even better.)

Every category was up, which hasn't happened in a long time. The store just feels self-sustaining right now.

I forgot the leap year.

I'm going to say, 20% better, taking out the extra leap day.

Hey, I can live with that.

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RDC said...

If you are open every day and 100 equaled your sales during a 28 day february and 122 equaled your sales this year in the 29 day febuary then the extra day would have accounted for 4.2 and the 28 day month would have resulted in a 17.7% increase.