Friday, March 30, 2012

Did it really have to take so long?

You know, it shouldn't have taken me 25 years to get to a reasonable level of inventory. A proper mix. A self-sustaining momentum.

Knock wood.

Sure, I probably lost about 10 years of that time making mistakes, but mistakes are pretty much unavoidable, I think.

Starting off under-capitalized. Hell, try Not- capitalized. Then getting insufficient loans, enough to make the store viable but not to really thrive. Spending year after year on trying to build inventory. (And pay back loans...)

Having inventory positions become moot, as people lose interest.

Getting there always seemed in the future.

Now, finally, I have a diverse mix of product that simply requires keeping up a good inventory. Not constantly building, or starting over.

At least for now.

NOTE: Normally, this would be one of what I call a JOURNAL entry; things I say to myself to motivate myself, or things I don't think I can say to the world.

It's a little over-confident.

But, my usual Bulletin fodder came wet today, and I have family visiting so having had time to peruse the intertubes, so here it is....

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