Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday tings.

On one hand, I know I'm wasting too much time going to Reddit everyday.

On the other hand, I always get a belly laugh or two. Every time I get a belly laugh, I feel like a week younger, so enough belly laughs...


Huffington Post was making a HUGE deal out of the Limbaugh thing, until people started pointing out that their owners, AOL, were advertising on his show.

Then all the stories started to subside for awhile. (I had an image of a scramble at the Huff Post offices -- "You mean WE advertise on that show?")


LATER: I was wrong. AOL dropped Limbaugh along with 18 others so far. (Who's an advertiser and who isn't is a bit murky. Who stays in, will be all in.)

As to my post yesterday, wondering if Limbaugh would have sense enough to back off -- or would try to get cute?

He tried to get cute. It didn't work. He dug the hole deeper, but he still seems arrogant about it all. As of yesterday, I figured it would all blow over, but now?

Only if he shuts up, which I don't think he is capable of doing.

By the way, Colbert had more extended clips of the things Limbaugh was saying and it was sooooooooo much worse than I knew. If anything, the media has been playing it down. If the things he's been quoted as saying were 10's on a scale, he said a whole bunch of things that were 8's and 9's.

I still think he'll weather the storm, but I think he's tarnished. I think he's incapable of understanding that he won't be able to say the same things he used to say...

(I try to use the real name of people I'm talking about -- most of the time. Instead of cute but demeaning nicknames.)


I had a good friend who listened to Limbaugh about a decade ago, and we used to have some good discussions about politics. He left town and we lost touch.

I have to wonder if it would even be possible to have a civil argument nowadays.

Seems like a lot of my friends are conservative. Partly because I'm a pretty conservative guy in personality. Kind of feel like you need to live by a eithical code. Not so much a relativist in my own behavior, or I try not to be.

On the other hand, I like to think when it comes to others that I'm trying to understand them. The weaknesses and bad luck.

I've had some good luck, and I know it.

I think personal behavior is just that, and within your control. I picked up a bit of puritanism from my Mom, I think. Stoic philosophy. My behavior is my behavior.

I think society is complicated, people have baggage dumped on them that isn't their fault, so I'm a liberal when it comes to politics.



Carl said...

AOL? Who uses that still? The internet with training wheels, someone once called it. Sort of a 2000-ish technology.

H. Bruce Miller said...

"AOL dropped Limbaugh along with 18 others so far."

I'm reading that it's now up to 32. Flush Rimbowl may have bitten the big one this time.

H. Bruce Miller said...

"Seems like a lot of my friends are conservative."

Not surprising, considering that you live in Eastern Oregon. Who was the last Democratic presidential candidate that Deschutes County went for? FDR? William Jennings Bryan?

Duncan McGeary said...

Tipping point?

Bill McLaughlin said...

Really good stuff! Enjoying your posts. hope you don't mind if i follow you.

Carl said...

18? 32? Come on, RL hasn't even got 18 or 32 national sponsors. Most of those on that phoney list of ABC's are local ad buys sold by the 600+ stations he has playing his show.He doesn't even deal with those advertisers, the stations do. In most cases,the stations play the ad buys so many times per day and some get put into RL's 3 hours.

With a $400 Million contract thru 2016, want to bet he replaces the few national advertisers in a very short time?