Friday, January 13, 2012

Whoopee! 0.1% rise in sales.

"Retail Sales Rise Scant 0.1%." Bulletin, 1/13/12.

So much for all the predictions. What about all the news stories that we were bombarded with throughout the season about how sales were great, great, great!


Meanwhile, the media was also full of stories about how stores were discounting, discounting, discounting!

So .... lower margin, with next to nothing increase in sales = lower profits.

The mass market stores have created a very stupid environment -- training the customers to wait for the last minute, and only to buy if it's hugely discounted.

I've been ignoring the whole nonsense for years now. I stock up the store, keep it stocked throughout the season, and sell everything for regular price. So, you know, I actually make money.

Sales in my store were up 20%, and I sold everything at retail price.

These giant stores really are dinosaurs, with huge appetites and tiny brains.


Andy Z said...

You discount on occasion, Duncan, just not on the sticker. :-P

Duncan McGeary said...

Yes, I do tailored discounting. I try to be fair about it, too.

Andy Z said...

And we all appreciate it.