Sunday, January 29, 2012

getting ready to get started getting going on beginning

It took me two days to get the manuscript ready for rewriting.

Organizing it, rearranging.

Numbering and adding titles.


So now I'm ready....I think.

I'm hoping to do about one chapter per day. It may be more, it may be less. I won't rush it, but will do it at whatever pace seems right. I've read almost all the chapters at writer's group, so I have hardcopies with critique and corrections to spark off of.

My intention is to finish a chapter, whatever chapter. Then the next day, read what I finished the day before and move on to the next. And so on. Hopefully, rereading a rewritten chapter before starting the next one will give me an approximation of how the reader approaches a new chapter.

I know this isn't very interesting to anyone, but so be it.

This is going to be what I'm doing for awhile.

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