Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday tings.

I need to start saving up some of these entries. I've been doing two or three a day, but then I have days like today where I can't find any blogger fodder in the paper or from the internet, and I don't have anything bugging me.

I'm sure I'll come up with something.


Have a guy in the backyard cutting up the fallen tree. He asked if he could take the wood and use it, and I said By all Means!

Linda had wanted me to find someone to use the wood.


Today seems to be Taking Care of Business day. All the little errand-y type things I've been saving up. Plus, I've got to do my monthly orders.


Had lunch yesterday at some of Linda's church friends house in Crooked River. Walked to the Deschutes gorge, about 800 feet distance, through the sagebrush and juniper. My shoes are CAKED with mud, which no amount of banging against the floor will dislodge.

We have a joke. Most of Linda's church people only know me by reputation. Linda jokes that I'm the "Mythical Duncan."

So I think they're always surprised by how talkative I am. I bet they were assuming I was shy.


My hair and beard cutting person has moved to Redmond and I've been debating whether it's worth driving all that way.

Thing is, I'm comfortable with her.

Why is it so hard to change hair cutters?

I'm starting to look like a mountain man, so I've made an appointment.


I think this is the worst two weeks stretch I've seen affected by weather. Slop and wind are the two most customer-discouraging patterns. Snow...people get used to it. Cold...they bundle up. Rain...they run to the door. Heat...they walk to the door.

But slop on the ground and wet slush blowing in your face? No way.


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H. Bruce Miller said...

"But slop on the ground and wet slush blowing in your face? No way."

Yes, even by Bend standards this weather is sucktacular.