Monday, January 30, 2012

Drinking quit me.

I decided after doing the first four chapters, to drink a little beer and look at the story with a skewed perspective.

This used to be very effective for me. Made me more casual in my writing, looser, a little more creative.

Last time I drank anything was way back on my other writing binge, when I went to Baker City in the first week of September. Back then, it didn't seem to help at all.

Neither did it this time. Got very little out of it, the changes I made I'm not even sure are that much better.

Meanwhile, went to bed and dreamed that I wrecked both of my cars while drinking. I feel like crap this morning.

I haven't quit drinking, drinking quit me.

The only time I'm going to do it anymore is during social engagements where alcohol is suitable; and in my life, that seems to be only during the rare McGeary family get-togethers.

My wife, who is a life-long teetotaler, is not crushed.

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Anonymous said...

I still say you should head over to Eugene score a little 'medical marijuana', and then see your creativity change, ... nothing like paranoia to change the reference of reality.