Wednesday, January 18, 2012

When Bend was Bend.

When I went to bed, I was all ready to accuse the media of being alarmist about the snow -- we had maybe half to an inch on our porch.

Then....this morning. 4 or 5 inches, which is considerable.

Still, I do think the media tends to play it up, versus my youth, when they tended to play it down.
Then again, that could be a false memory. Old Bend versus New Bend. A time when I walked to school with snow up to my knees.... When men were men, and Bend was Bend, and winter was winter.

Or maybe I'm just remembering my school age self hoping that a little snow would cancel schools.


Yesterday was horribly slow at the store -- so what can I expect today?

A day of going around rearranging and cleaning things, I think. Maybe I'll do my orders.

I'm so thankful I have the resources to handle these sudden drops, unlike the Dark Years when I would have had to scramble.


I got back the nice print of Star Axe, beautifully framed.

I switched pictures at the store, and took the original painting home.


Video game sales were down 8% last year.

I'm no expert -- I have nothing against them, but I decided that trying to keep up with one more media, my head would explode. (New books -- I'm already inclined that way, and Board Games -- I probably fall down a little there....)

Anyway, even so -- I can guess that this has to do more with "Hot" games and "New" platforms than it does with actual interest in games. One web site mentioned boardgames as competition, but I think that's ludicrous. I'm pretty sure boardgames could double, and they'd only move the video game meter a smidgen.


Hey, I just realized I could take my first day off blogging in five years and say it was a Blackout in support of anti-SOPA efforts.



I read this week's Sunday New York Times, instead of putting it on the pile. Just try to keep up from here, instead of trying to catch up.


How not to get my business.

I go to a certain website to order books. They have new listings every day. So I add to my order each day, through the month until my credit card turns. This way, I don't miss anything and I can get to my 'minimum' order.

So....books sell out, during the process, which is the chance I take. I understand that.

Anyway, I got to the minimum two days before the turn, and then -- bam! It went up about a third. So I checked, and they had raised the minimum order on about 25 books from one to two.

When I eliminated those books, I was all the way down to 2/3rds the minimum again.

I go back the next day, and suddenly I'm at half the minimum.

I deleted the order.

Thing is, this site had been borderline in satisfaction for some time. (Don't like the condition of some of them.) And I've been needing to cut orders slightly.

So they made it an easy decision. I'm probably done with them, for the time being. Maybe I'll cherry pick in about six months.

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H. Bruce Miller said...

"A time when I walked to school with snow up to my knees"

Your knees were closer to the ground back then.