Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Just going about my business.

Sometimes it's best to just quietly go about your business, you know?

And a blog isn't quiet.

Then again, the crossover between customers and blog readers probably isn't huge.

No dark secret, just that I'm quietly curtailing much spending this month. Just letting what I've already ordered come in. My orders from several months ago were bigger than normal, so that seems to be bringing in a healthy supply of product.

Meanwhile, I'm sort of taking a step back from writing, as well.

I was stumped for awhile, and decided that it was better to wait until I was ready before I started again. Well, that seems to have worked. I've dreamed -- literally -- a couple of solutions, and I think I'm ready to get going.

So next week, without fanfare, I'm going to start in on the second draft. I'm doing a bit of Jedi-mind tricks on myself.

See, it's important to get all motivated and loud about starting a book, but ironically, to finish a book I need to take the opposite tack. A sort of a lessening of pressure, a "It's no big deal" sort of attitude. The closer I get to finishing, the more I have to quit thinking about it.

I have to sort of turn off all my critical thinking again, and just enjoy the process -- and feel my way toward a flow of words that seems right.

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