Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year everyone!

I never make New Year's resolutions because

a. I'm perfect.

b. I'm so flawed that nothing will help.

c. I'm so weak-willed that a New Year's resolution just proves it...and I'm tired of proving it.

d. All the above.


I kept thinking that the villain in Tintin looked like Steven Spielberg, and when I got home and googled it, I only got as far as "Tintin villain lo....." before a bunch of hits came up, so apparently I wasn't the only one.

I enjoyed the movie quite a bit actually. A rollicking adventure.

I sold a bunch of Tintin graphic novels this Christmas.


Somebody set off such a loud boom at midnight, that our kitchen wall clock fell off and broke.

These celebrations are getting louder every year.

I made this mistake of letting the cat out about 11:30 or so, and after all the noise I went looking for her, finally to hear this strange, plaintive meow near the upstairs sliding door. She ran in and hid for awhile. So much meaning in such a simple meow...


We were watching the trailers in front of Tintin, and they're doing a 3-D Titanic and I'm thinking how gorgeous Kate Winslet was in this movie (she's since gotten as thin and angular as all the other actresses, sadly) and the end tag line comes and I unexpectedly feel a tear in my eye. "I'll never let go."

Whenever that happens -- that Hallmark emotion -- I look at Linda, and sure enough she's crying.

I never did want to see Titanic again, because I found it to be very sad.

I never put down that movie, because it was very effective at what it does.


Also watching the lead in graphics to the Imax process and thinking what a teenager from the '60's would think if he was magically transported to today's experience. (Specifically -- ME.)

" still have the clunky glasses?"

"Where's the holodeck?"

"Is that animation? What is that?"

"Who's Steven Spielberg?"

"Movies cost $13.00!!!!"


Anonymous said...

Is there a day the BB doesn't mention beer and brewing?

Duncan McGeary said...

Our bathroom clock just fell off, too.

How big an explosion was that?

Duncan McGeary said...

We used to be a timber town.

Now we are a beer town.