Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday suds.

Because of a skin condition, I have to take cortisone every day -- on my forehead, around my ears, and a bit around my nose.

Fortunately for me, a little over the counter medication every morning after a shower is effective.

(I've met people with the same condition who didn't get the same relief -- the red, itchy, scaly stuff some people get on their elbows and on their chests and on their face-- but for me it works.)

For the last two days, my eyes have been swollen and red. That worried me, because the condition gets really bad if I can't use the lotion.

I'd just started using a new tube of lotion. Sure enough, when I read the small print -- it is a very slightly different formula. Package looks the same in every way, except for one small banner.

Phew. Dodged another bullet.


So are you lucky when bad things happen in a good way? Or unlucky that bad things happen at all?


All those headline writers were just waiting for the moment they could pull out the "newtered" headlines....


Robots are taking the place of Malheur Lake carp. Oh, wait. Did I read that headline wrong?


I think I've got my sleep patterns back to normal. Forced myself to go to bed by 12:30, and then forcing myself to go back to sleep in the early morning. Seems to be working.


Lost my wifi connection on my laptop at home, which is a little scary. I'll reboot and see what happens. It isn't the cable because my wife's computer works. Damn.


Went to see Girl With a Dragon Tattoo, American version. It was well done, Linda really liked it, but it seemed kind of unnecessary to me. It did remind me of what I liked about the book, though, and that was the detailed nuts and bolts of the investigation.

Some of the reviews I've read find that part to be boring, but that's the part I liked. Almost all mysteries and thrillers skip those steps these days. The literary thrillers are all gray and inconclusive, and the non-literary thrillers just skip all that and go straight for the action.

Went to see Haywire the day before, and, yeah, I believe that dame could kick the crap out of most guys....

I do love to go to movies...

Came home and watched Star Trek, and marveled how good it was. I told this before -- that my Mom went to see the Star Trek, Return of the Whales, movie and came back and said; 'I liked it. It was like spending time with old friends."

You have to understand my Mom had a disdain for sci-fi (and had a hard time understanding my fascination with it.)

Anyway, that's how the new Star Trek movie felt -- spending time with old friends.

Looked it up: the next Star Trek is scheduled for May, 2013.


Duncan McGeary said...

Got the wifi back. Somehow I just got disconnected, went to the wifi symbol on top, and clicked which one I guessed was my network.

I'm still lousy at computer stuff -- but I'm not totally helpless anymore.

Anonymous said...

"It rubs the lotion on its skin, or else it gets the hose again."

Nighttime said...

I just couldn't get into the NuTrek of 2009. I t didn't have the heart of the original.

Duncan McGeary said...

Robots hunting living creatures.

This seems like a bad idea....