Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Quick Comic Reviews.

DV8: Gods and Monsters. I gotta tell you, I can get lost in these misc. superhero groups. But Brian Wood does a good job of pulling these characters out of their usual backgrounds, sticking them on a planet with a whole new set of perimeters. I enjoyed it. But I think it was because --without giving the ending away -- he could do anything he wanted with the characters.

Warlord of Mars: Just starting -- barely getting going -- I loved the books, so...

Sweet Tooth. Here's an idea. When they get done with the Walking Dead T.V. show, they can do post-apocalyptic Sweet Tooth next. I really like this series.

Scarlet and Nemesis and Superior: I'm really enjoying the Icon series from Marvel (creator owned). Mark Miller follows up his hit Kick-Ass, with both Nemesis and Superior. Bendis does something similar with Scarlet. (It's fun that Scarlet is based in Portland, and that Bendis actually uses that for his story.)

Garrison: Clone killers, with the original breaking free. Pretty straightforward adventure.

Ides of Blood: Vampires in ancient Rome. The story is O.K., the dialogue is pretty clunky.

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Duncan McGeary said...

Deadpool Max; I'm usually willing to give artists the stylistic benefit of the doubt. But this is just butt ugly.

Batman: Odyssey. Hard to fathom how something this bad gets made. Giving the artist his free reign? Just a very weird series.