Tuesday, July 29, 2008

They're shooting liberal Unitarians?

Oh, my god. Now they're shooting liberal Unitarians. Really, it would be hard to find a more peacenik bunch, outside the Quakers.

I really don't care for 'politically correct' thinking; but I can take quite a bit of extreme views as long as they're honest. If I don't like it, I can always go somewhere else. (Actually, I don't mind extreme views if they're used for effect or to make a point....if they're honest, I just think they're wrong and move along. But I think a full range of views is a good thing. But not when it's monomaniacal.)

Monomaniacal. Give it a rest.

I don't talk politics or religion at the store.

I try to ignore politics and religion on the other blogs.

I already know how I'm going to vote in November, and no amount of Faux News or CNN ninnyness is going to change that.

But I do have to wonder if constant scapegoating and name-calling and stereotyping is a healthy thing.

I suppose a sicko with a gun doesn't need provocation.

I guess I wish some other blogs would stay on topic. I'm kind of tired of wading through political rants when I want my real estate news, or whatever. Though I suppose politics and real estate are inextricably linked.

I used to enjoy the venting. But it's just gotten meaningless.

And I should make it clear -- I'm tired of these political subjects from BOTH sides. Nothings more guaranteed to make me change the channel.

You know who I'm talking about.

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Anonymous said...

The trouble with your proposition dear dunc, is that politics&religion have long been intertwined.

The way works, and perhaps you have been buried so long in the comic books, and selling such to peers, that you have missed the essential power mechanism of ORYGUN.

That be that certain religious groups have been allowed to run much of Oregon city's and County's forever, so long as the owner of the Natural Resource Colony we called Oregon, sent the money home to the owners of the colony.

Said religious groups don't care inherently about money, they want power, and they want to make sure that government jobs, what we in Orygun call 'good paying jobs' are primarily given to the flock.

To ignore the religion & politics is to ignore the man behind the curtain ( wiz of oz ).