Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I've created a Pegasus Books blog.

Don't worry.

I'm going to limit myself to one entry a day on the Best Minimum Wage Job a Middle Aged Guy Every Had. (No such promise on the comments....)

And no more than one entry a day on the Pegasus Blog. Maybe less.

I'm going to keep my streak going on BMWJAMAGEH. But no such promises on the Pegasus Books blog.

I'll tell you why I made this decision tomorrow.


Duncan McGeary said...

I pretty much posted three entries I've been working on today, so I can start fresh tomorrow.

One a day. Hopefully less tossed off, and a more thoughtful.

And whatever is appropriate for the Pegasus Blog, one or day or not.

Jeff said...

Pegasus Books website can be found here, it appears:

Please tell me I'm wrong.

Duncan McGeary said...

that ain't it.

Got a second blogger site,