Friday, July 18, 2008

Oh....wait. It's a comic?

They're doing it again.

The Batman movie is really good. But it's about a guy in spandex.

For most critics, that's big time cognitive dissonance.

See, if it's a comic character and it's good, doesn't that mean comics have the potential to be just as good?

No....not if the movie "Transcends the Genre" or "Redefines Comics."

You see, I don't read fantasy. Oh, I read Lord of the Rings, but that's different.
You see, I don't read science fiction. Oh, I read 1984, but that's different.
You see, I don't watch cartoons. Oh, I watched Spirited Away, but that different.

See....they aren't really fantasy, science fiction, or cartoons.....

Whew...that's better.

That Nolan fellow must be a genius to come up with all this, because surely it didn't come from a mere comic.

Ever notice how almost always everyone thinks the original books are better than the movies? That must not be true if it's a "comic." One critic went so far as to detail all the reasons the movie was different from the comic because of the subject matter -- thus proving absolutely that he'd never read a Batman comic; which have been dealing with the exact same themes at least since, The Dark Knight Returns, by Frank Miller.

Wouldn't want to believe that the Batman movie is dealing with characters, themes and subjects that have been in the comic book world for decades, if not from the beginning.

Done really really well, but a comic book movie nevertheless.

Deal with it.


Duncan McGeary said...

Of course, I realize that the people who go see the movie don't have to 'deal' with it at all.

I'm the one who has to internalize the inconsistencies.

Just as everyday I get young families in the door, and see them walk off. Almost -- not everyone -- but almost everyone under the age of 19 or 20 isn't interested in the stuff I carry.

My problem, not theirs.

(Though what it means for their future, and their parents future, and societies future is a question that someone ought to address. And yeah, yeah, I understand YOUR kids read. It must be everyone else's kids I see everyday. Really, not to be snarky. I'll believe you.)

tim said...

I haven't seen the film yet, but I love Nolan. Memento was wonderful.