Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Blogging the night away.

As you may have noticed, I broke down and added a 'Sitemeter' to my blog. It's going to be my one extra besides just writing (well, two if you count my link to the Pegasus Books blog.)

I've been told its a sin to blog about blogging, but I can't help it.

This stuff is fascinating.

First of all, what is really noticeable is how many 'accidental' hits I'm getting. Someone puts in a search word of something completely unrelated to what I'm talking about, and because I have a certain combination, up pops BMWJAMAGEH.

It turns out, even the long title to my blog is responsible for many of the hits. Anyone who puts in 'minimum wage' for any reason. I've gotten hits from Japan for someone who is searching 'aged guy.'

Meanwhile as I approach 2 years and a thousand entries, the content is also generating a fair amount of hits. For instance, I've gotten two hits in three days from someone who has entered 'penus.' And now, just because I used the 'penus' word again, I'll probably get more hits. So never use words like penus. (Opps, there I go again.)

The Pegasus Blog, which only has a week of content, has been getting nothing but local hits. The BMWJAMAGEH site is getting hits from all over, which is pretty surprising.

The traffic is about what I had guessed, perhaps slightly higher. I was inspired to get the Sitemeter because I let curiosity get the better of me and found out on Alexa that I was like 8,500,000 in ranking, and even more alarming that I'd had a 40% drop in readership.

It's pretty obvious to me that I could rig this so I get more hits (penus, penus, penus) but I ain't going to do that. (I figure whoever is searching for 'penus' is going to be really disappointed in my blog.)

I like to believe that it doesn't matter to me, but of course it does.

Hopefully, the fascination will wear off; I'm checking those stats way too often.

I have just been informed that I'm spelling penis wrong.



timothy said...

If they can't spell "penis" correctly, the porn they have access to is limited, so they may as well get your blog.

Duncan McGeary said...

Oh my god. I should be embarrassed. I am embarrassed.

But it would explain why I'm getting so many foreign clicks. I've heard that some people do that on purpose to get dedicated clicks.

That's it. I did it on purpose.