Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mea Culpa's

We had a very busy day yesterday, during the bike race.

Stupid, stupid quail creatures. Found the cat perched over the nest last night, so she's going to stay inside for the duration of gestation -- which will drive both her and us crazy. The parents were back on the nest this morning, so no harm.

I'm really enjoying Spook Country, by William Gibson, now that I'm halfway through, after panning it a bit in a review yesterday on the Pegasus Books blog. His style is just difficult for me to get used to, at first.

Despite all my doom and gloom talk, business has been pretty good. My customers who are in the construction trade, most seem to be doing very well.

I spelled Penis wrong. It's actually kind of funny, because I keep getting hits from foreign countries. If I had actually spelled Penus right, I'd be so far down the list I'd probably never get any hits.

Writing a blog is like owning a house: I don't have a landlord to call in to fix things, and I don't have a copy editor/fact checker to fix things.

I live in paradise. Had a European woman yesterday asking about hiking trails, and realized how long it's been since I really went anywhere.

I apologize to the people throughout the world who innocently tap in "minimum wage jobs" or "middle age jobs" or "best jobs" and come up with me. Stick around, learn about Bend and comics....


dkgoodman said...

You'd spelled it like "Venus"... which I found rather amusing. :)

Jason said...

And here I thought you were doing that on purpose for some reason.

My resume's on its way ... we had a bit of computer trouble at home this week, so I had to start over on it (I hate replacing hard drives, too, so it's been a "fun" week).