Sunday, February 24, 2013

This IS what recovery looks like.

I've taken to commenting on each of the quarterly economic reports that the Bulletin does.  As I've mentioned before, I like that there are consistent measuring sticks being used.

I'm sure that most people who are monitoring these charts are waiting for signs of a solid recovery.

I've come to the conclusion that what we've been seeing for the last few years is pretty much what we're going to see from now on.  A small, slight increase most quarters, with a relapse here and there.  This is the way growth normally works.  This is just a reversion to mean.

Take that bulge out of the middle of the chart, and you see small incremental growth from about 2000 on.

As I also thought, that fourth quarter was nowhere near as strong as was being reported.  The experts play around with words, making excuses for this decline, but I call B.S.  The downturn was exactly what it was -- a downturn, no matter how you might want to explain it.

I think this is it folks.  This IS the recovery, for what it is.  There isn't going to be another huge leap into the stratosphere.  The bubble is gone, never to return.  Hopefully.

Slow, steady growth is going to be so much better for us in the long-run.

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Anonymous said...

Treading water at best. The only way this fantasy doesn't play out into a deflationary death spiral is if the whole world pretends that we can print money to infinity and it doesn't matter.

Not to be a downer but this is all smoke and mirrors. Hopium smoke...