Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Always writing a different book.

Pushing through to the end of the book.  I'm at about 46K words, and I'm thinking it'll be about 60K when I'm done.  More or less the same as THE RELUCTANT WIZARD and FREEDY FILKINS, INTERNATIONAL JEWEL THIEF.

NEARLY HUMAN is 120K.  Twice as long.

These short novels seems to be my comfort zone.  Write a book quick, get down that sense of who the characters are and what the story is before it dissipates. 

Usually, I have to go back and fill in a little.  With FREEDY it wasn't necessary.  I was trying for a quick comfortable read.

With LAST DAYS OF THE IMMORTAL I'm attempting a little more emotional depth, so I think I'll need to spend some time making sure I get that right.

With THE RELUCTANT WIZARD,  I need to spend more time on world-building.  Which I can accomplish by writing a trilogy, and then making sure all the elements are consistent.

I don't know why I'm inclined to write something completely different every time.  I mean, after all the effort at world-building I put into NEARLY HUMAN it would make sense to write another book in that world.  Same with all the books.

But when it comes time to write another book, I always go off in other directions. I don't even stick to the same genres.  I've got an incomplete mystery, an incomplete post-holocaust, a fantasy, a horror, another horror, an modern adventure, and so on and so forth.  

This isn't commercially smart.  It isn't creating a brand.

But it isn't like it matters.

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Unknown said...

I don't think you need to do more world-building with THE RELUCTANT WIZARD (in fact I think it would slow it down) and Sunrise agrees.

And you can always come back and write more in those worlds and "create a brand".

Team Duncan! Woo!