Friday, February 22, 2013


In between books, so things are kind of routine.

Linda has been walking around sick for the last ten days, so every morning I wake up expecting the first symptoms.  So far, I've made it.  Knock wood.

I was asking her about an employee working for her, and it occurred to me that I'm supposed to work next Friday.  Then I started doubting, next Friday or this Friday?  Drove all the way to the store and checked the calendar and sure enough, I have to work today.  Almost missed a full day!

A couple of days ago, I glanced at the top of my distributer site and realized with a thunderbolt that my monthly orders were due the next day.

It's as if this whole month is missing a week, or something.  Time is passing so quickly, and in a herky jerky sort of way.  I'm a little disconnected because of all the writing I'm doing.

I made it through the first six weeks of the year without significant reorders.  Finally made a game order last week, and sales suddenly took off.  So yesterday, got on the phone and reordered everything I'd sold over Christmas -- plus.  Totally blew out the budget.

Thing is, while I broke even during January and February, and didn't get ahead either.  Cutting orders seemed to result in a comparable cut in sales -- so what good did it do me?  So -- back to ordering the material I know will sell.

Pretty much the same result of breaking even or falling behind on the slow months, but much more fun and sets us up much better for the good months.

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