Sunday, February 10, 2013

I really, really like it.

I read through the entire DEATH OF AN IMMORTAL up to the last two unwritten chapters, and, well, damned if I don't really like it.  It holds up.  It's a good story.

Of course I'd think that, right? Only not actually.

Usually I have plenty of doubts by now.   Plenty.  By now I've usually seen the flaws.

This time, I don't.

You'll notice that I haven't actually released NEARLY HUMAN, after working on it for two years.  I haven't released DEVILTREE though it's been finished for 30 years.  I haven't released THE RELUCTANT WIZARD, though it has had as much work done on it as DEATH OF AN IMMORTAL.

I did release FREEDY FILKINS, but it is kind of a novelty act, if you will, one that turned out so well that I did go ahead and put it out.  But I wouldn't want to base my career on it.  Notice, too, that I've kept it on my blog for free.

But this new book does everything I wanted.  A complete and consistent plot, good characters, good writing.

If I do say so myself.

I was able to apply everything I learned from writing the previous three efforts.

Doubts will probably still come.  But this isn't just the euphoria of a new book, I don't think.  This is using both sides of my brain to analyze it and both sides approve.

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Unknown said...

Yay, I'm so looking forward to reading it!